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Why do our partners look like us physically?

There are several answers to this question, and none of them are as romantic as we would expect. These are rather scientific explanations that have already been investigated by experts and there are behind several studies that confirm it.

A century ago, couples got together within the same community. And in many of the cases, even if they were distant relatives, it is possible that they had common ancestors. Over the generations, the affinity between people has been building a common genetic structure.

But genetics isn’t all that makes couples look alike. There are more studies that speak of another cause: involuntarily, there are people who to find a partner, look for a similarity with one of their parents (although only the idea may horrify us). This is because the traits that are familiar to them are the ones that appeal to them the most.

In couples who have been together for years, the resemblance is still more evident, not only physical, but also the personality of each one is changing. And it is that when you spend so much time next to a person it is normal to imitate gestures, expressions and their customs to stick to the point where, although the physical resemblance is not entirely evident, it ends up being produced. Scientists call this phenomenon “social facilitation,” which explains how partner behavior can unconsciously modify physical traits.

Why do our partners look like us physicallyAs you can see, it is not about people choosing their partner because of a physical resemblance to them, but rather that with the passage of time the resemblance between the two tends to converge. Next, we talk about four phenomena that “help” this to happen:

Eating habits: If you eat the same thing for 10 years, it is likely that your physique will end up being similar. Although this point will also depend on the lifestyle of each one individually.

Environment that surrounds you: Exposure to the same environmental factors, such as the sun, will translate over the years to the same skin type and tone. Another obvious example is found in the practice of sports. If you both live an active life when it comes to exercising, two healthy and athletic bodies will be appreciated.

Personality: We tend to choose as a partner other people who are similar in terms of personality and tastes. In this way, it is also possible to age in a similar way. For example, very outgoing people tend to hang out with people who are also outgoing. And in time, the two of you will end up looking like an outgoing couple. Here we disprove the myth that “opposites attract”. You can read more about it in this article:  The myth of opposites in love

Empathy: Over the years, we empathize with the way of being, acting and behaving of our partner. Somehow, we make ourselves to her and she to us. Unconsciously, we adopt facial expressions and some gestures, a consequence of spending a lot of time next to each other. With the passage of time, a way of smiling, a small tic in the eye, a peculiar cough or even the way of yawning becomes our own.

As you can see, the question we asked ourselves at the beginning of the article has several answers. That does not mean that there are couples who are not alike at all and love also triumphs, but following the line of all these explanations, we find several arguments that explain why more and more people tend to get together with people similar to them, or else Over time they end up resembling each other due to a joint coexistence.…


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The actual meaning of damsel stands for a, young erotic and attractive lady who is not married. This word is primarily popular in UK and a great deal of people in London prefer to use the word damsel for an erotic lady. However, if you want to get a damsel in London, then you can not get her quickly in the regular alternative, however if you are ready to pay some of your cash to cheap and sexual party girls of London, then you can constantly get a sexual and attractive woman or a damsel with no type of issue, problem or problem.

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sexy girlSelect a good agency: In order to get a gorgeous and sexy female in London via cheap party girls alternative, you will require to connect with an agency for that. In London you can find a number of agencies for same including That is an excellent cheap London party girls business so you can select that company if you desire and after that you can get a damsel from them in easy manner.

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Schedule the services

To delight in the great enjoyable with a damsel, you will require to book the services of sexual cheap party girls for your satisfaction requirement. For reservation of this service, you can merely make a call to the cheap London party girls that you chose and after that you can book a damsel from the company. In this process you can talk about the expense and if you have something else in your mind then you can talk about those other things likewise with the company while booking the services.

Delight in the companionship

After this you simply require to take pleasure in the services use by cheap and sensual London escorts. In this satisfaction process, you will need to pay the cash to your damsel buddy initially prior to taking her services. In addition to payment you will require to offer resects also to your gorgeous and erotic buddies This regard will make sure you get the very best and most incredible satisfaction with your damsel buddy in the best possible way.

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Party girls in blueIf you are wondering for some buddy to have sensual minutes in London. For this purpose, guys need to browse some hot and hot buddy first and this is not at all easy task. In the huge city like London engaging women is a very tough task. Guys need to question behind the girls or browse some thought online dating websites. However, after wondering all over if man got no result them he gets dissatisfied. People you don’t require to be unfortunate or upset due to the lack of companion since you have a simpler and fantastic option of dating and other fun time too. London party girls are always offered and really cheap so that anyone can employ cheap party girls for enjoyable things.

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